Change Form Title

Hi there,

I am using version 17.6.10.

I need some help here to change the form title from “Invoice” to “Tax Invoice”.

And, where do I go to create a custom theme?

Thank you.

These topics have already been discussed many times. please search the forum.

I had search the forum before posting.

All mentioned create theme, then edit theme. Go to setting >>theme.

There is no theme button or whatsoever in the version that i am using,

Ok. Got it!

It is Template in my version.

This should occur automatically when you select your country’s tax rate under Setting - Tax Codes.

Then you are running on an old version. If you go to Forum - Categories - Releases, you will see several related topics, or use this link and select Releases

The relevant Guide has been updated to reflect the change from themes to templates. The revised Guide will appear on the web site soon.

Thank you guys.

My issue has been resolved.