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I just download Manager into a new macbook and it’s giving me this dark message on the bottom left. It did not do it on my previous macbook. Is there a way to get rid of it?


It is a program enhancement, see this section of the guide

In particular the second link

Thanks. A bit confused. If I select another folder, lets say Drive, will the black bar always stay there or go away?

Do not try to make it go away, it is a design feature of newer versions of Manager. To understand what it is indicating and how other users would benefit from it, read the above links. As you have not needed to learn about it in the past, ignoring it is the same as you have always done.

Manager has to store all the information you enter for each business somewhere. The location it uses is shown in the “dark message”. How to manage this store is described in the above guides.

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You could use cloud or server versions. The problem with those is that you will figure out where these databases are. Also this is only relevant for the Manager main page that you will rarely use except for adding, removing or selecting businesses.

Is there any disadvantages on choosing Drive folder for example?

There is no harm in changing the folder where you want to have the business files stored, some use cloud storage links so they can access the files from whereever they installed an instance of Manager. However, the default is a good location and most users will not change the folder.

Beware that you never store the Manager Business files in the applications folder where the Manager Application is located.

In all instances when using Manager Desktop editions such as you use now will you always see the dark message with the option to change folder.

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