Category & Classification

I would like to have Inventory category ( Cat1, Cat2 ,…cat3 ) to see inventory value . Also would like to have revenue classification by location ( POS1 & Pos2 ) and also cost of sales if posssable sales done by cash transaction.
Also each location will have cash account
I think it could be done by track code and special accounts but It not working !

Set up custom control accounts for different categories: Manager Cloud.

Use tracking codes: Manager Cloud.

What do you mean by this? Please be more specific.

Just set up multiple cash accounts: Manager Cloud.

Special accounts are not meant for this purpose.

Sorry it was not clear, I would like to view each Location with revenue and cost of sales also

That is exactly what tracking codes will do for you. Just set up Profit and Loss Statements for each tracking code.

what do you mean?

Just set up Profit and Loss Statement “REPORTS” for each tracking code.
Not a P&L setup for each tracking code within the chart of accounts itself.

Use tracking codesRead the guide