Receipts from sale of inventory items - Customizable?

When entering a receipt from the sale of inventory items, the revenue is locked into the Inventory - Sales account. Can this be changed?

I would like to be able to break the sales down into 3 classifications. And I then need to have each of these classifications broken down into tax or non taxed sales, giving me a total of 6 options.


Sales from Location A
Location A Taxable
Location A Non-Taxable

Sales from Location B
Location B Taxable
Location B Non-Taxable

Sales from Location C
Location C Taxable
Location C Non-Taxable

All inventory items will be sold at all locations.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You

Create 2 income accounts, called “Sales - Taxed” and "Sales - NonTaxed.

When creating inventory items select these “Custom Income accounts” as appropriate for items with/without tax.

Then use “Tracking Codes” for Locations.

The same item may or may not be taxed. It would be taxed if sold local. If shipped out of state, it would not be taxed.

You can use six 1:1 inventory kits. Each one will have to point to a different sale account.

Or you can use two 1:1 inventory kits an three tracking codes.