Categorise Inventory

Hi All
Is there a way to categorise inventory if not can we have this in the feature request list?

Can you please explain what this means ?

If you mean by category, then set up custom field. Alternatively this code be included in the internal stock code?


Thanks Man, Exactly what i was looking for

Interesting post. But how do we stop internal supply items appear in the sale quote/order/invoice?

Make sure you don’t select the inventory is sold option

I believe that is only possible with Non-Inventory items only. As i have to keep track of my internal supplies too - I had to create them under Inventory Items

Yeah, I have to check

Hi @Abeiku did you find a way out? Just curious to know how you manage your internal supplies which isn’t legit to appear in the sales invoice.

Inventory is normally considered to be goods held for production or sale. One of the characteristics of inventory, in accrual basis accounting, is that its cost is recognized as an expense only when the item is sold, not when purchased.

Internal supplies are generally considered as current expenses. They are items consumed within an accounting period or some relatively short, defined time period. This would include stationery, cleaning supplies, and incidental production materials that are not or cannot be easily quantifiable as belonging to a specific production item. (Examples include adhesives for assembly, shipping materials, etc.) Many accountants would not consider it appropriate to account for such internal supplies as inventory, although there may be reasons for doing so.

So, @raj, you might reconsider whether it is really necessary to be tracking your internal supplies as inventory. Are you just making more work for yourself than necessary? You might implement other stock tracking techniques for internal supplies than formal inventory.

Tracking my internal supplies has now become a necessity. Previously i would spend them as expense and never traced the inventory. But nowadays I noticed too much hidden expenses going on throughout my sales centres which i desperately need to control and track for good order. I do understand that it would require more of my attention and efforts but in the end of the day i would be pleased to grow my business and stop wasting in over/illogical supply expenses.

Trust me, enabling users to track supplies will be useful at some point. The inventory items tab will require’‘This item can be sold/purchased’’ feature which currently is existing in Non-inventory items only. I don’t know the programming part, but it seems to be a handy implementation.

No changes are needed then, @raJ. If you want to track supplies you already have what you need.

Only problem is they are all appearing in the sales invoice, which could be stopped by implementing ‘‘This item can be sold/purchased’’ feature in the inventory items tab

@raJ - if you are using Inventory Item Codes then start all those internal supply item codes with a “z”, then they will be grouped at the bottom after normal Inventory.

Nice workaround. Never thought of this. Thanks