Cashflow statement

Eventually you will be able to designate specific bank control accounts whether they should show as cash or financing activities. Useful if you have credit cards or other loans which are created as bank accounts.

Direct method report

Or to show as cash other accounts’ typologies (not bank or cash accounts).

I use a Special Account for checks still to be cashed and they are considered “other forms of cash” by the italian law.

@AJD I was trying a few scenarios whether I can throw cash flow statement off but no success. Unless I can reproduce the issue, I won’t be able to fix this. If you like, you can email me to with your accounting file. Otherwise we will have to wait until someone can reproduce in test file.

hello @lubos @Tut and others, i was looking in my account with direct and indirect everything was fine. but may @lubos put well the direct method. since currently it puts into blacket all expenses that is hard to understand for a person with little accounting knowledge. it will be better if you put into columns as debit and credit

That is not how cash flow statements are structured by accountants. And it would prevent the use of comparative columns.

In my opinion, if you are not experienced with formal cash flow statements, you would be better to stay with the Receipts and Payments Summary. It will provide you with the same basic information in a simpler format.

All my problems with numbers are fixed. Removing written-off postings from income accounts for the direct method was the solution.

The order of cash flow categories for both methods should be standardized to match common accounting practice and be consistent between methods:

  • Operating activities
  • Investing activities
  • Financing activities

This will be very welcome, promoting better correspondence to the balance sheet. You should also allow interest paid to be designated as operating or financing activity to accommodate difference between IAS and GAAP requirements.

Fixed in the latest version (21.2.20)

I think that there should be the possibility to force the change of the category for every account. It is quite common the “improper” use of some modules to face some specific need, so, for example a capital account can not always fall under financing activities. Manager should leave the freedom to change also to move some bank/cash accounts from cash (opening/closing) to other categories and vice versa.

Secondly, I think that there should be the possibility to create subcategories under the three main categories, to sort them and to collapse them, if needed, in order to shorten the list.

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@Davide I agree with your suggestions and they will be implemented. Currently, I just want to make sure the figures are 100% correct and @AJD reporting there is still some rounding discrepancy bothers me.

I completely agree with you. If I may add, there should be also the possibility to collapse the changing in working capital.

I was able to reproduce the rounding error in a test database and I have sent this file to you by email. I think it relates to payment allocation on multiple line invoices

@AJD thanks, it was rounding issue in purchase invoices. Fixed in the latest version (21.2.22).


Pls have fund flow statement as well with tracking code

Any news about full implementation of cash flow statement?

Was the project abandoned incomplete like many others?

i was tinkering with cash flow statement and was wondering about the format. The report goes directly to the detail account without grouping and making it difficult to read. I think that the report can be a lot easier to read if it can be grouped in accordance with the chart of account, and will be better if you can make it cascading

@Hafid_Fitra_Habibi, your comment was relevant to a topic already being discussed. It has been moved here.

The Cash Flow Statement is grouped by the 3 main activities (operating, investing and financing) in accordance with accounting standards.

Can you explain how you envisage incorporating the chart of account groupings into this report?

I have a very detailed CoA. Having 200 accounts grouped in only three main groups makes cash flow statement completely useless.