Cash Sale to be recorded under your customers

Hi there, I love all the new updates that was made.
I would like it, if a cash sale is also recorded under your customers, at this moment only invoices are shown, but it will be great if it will show how many cash sales are made to, by that customer.

This idea has already been suggested: Improvement to payment and receipt forms

Unless I’m not reading that post right, still doesn’t answer my question or possible idea.
When you open your customer tab, it only shows you the amount of invoices made out to that customer. why not also show the amount of cash sales made, or sale made with out an invoice?

And also, when you do a cash sale, why doesn’t it bring up a drop down menu, for your existing customers?

Please read the link again. The first bullet suggests exactly what you are asking for.

Okay, still doesn’t really answer me.

I don’t want to see it in a statement.

If you open your “customer” tab, it shows you the amount of invoices made out to that customer.
Why not also so the amount of cash sales “receive money” sales? where no invoice was needed.

And when you go to ‘cash accounts’ tab and you go to “receive money” tab, why doesn’t it bring up a drop down menu of your existing customers as like when you do an invoice.

You can’t have it both ways. If a cash sale is linked to a customer’s account, it will show on a transaction-type statement. It just won’t affect Accounts receivable, because the amount owed will already have been paid.

Because currently cash sales are processed through Accounts receivable. And Customers are subaccounts of Accounts receivable. The entire point of the suggestion is to change that, which is what you are asking for.

Same reason.

Whether you interpret the idea post that way or not, it is suggesting what you’ve requested.

Customers tab was created to record sales on credit not all sales as explained by Tut.
What you want will debit the customer, credit revenue and credit customer and debit cash account.
That is not necessary.