Cash payment and bank payment of customers are not relecting correctly

I made an invoice and the customer paid in cash but more than the invoice amount. Now the next invoice is supposed to show the additional amount paid and the total should be the difference. In my case, the first invoice is showing overpaid and the next invoice is only showing the original value and not the difference.

If you allocate the payment to a specific invoice for a specific customer then it will all go to that invoice.

My understanding is if you allocate a payment to a specific customer but don’t specify the invoice, Manager will allocate the payment to invoices starting at the oldest.

as @Patch explained, this is the result of allocating payments to specific invoices when recording a receipt. you do not have to select an invoice in a receipt unless your customer intended to pay for a specific invoice. you can also read the guide below.

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I did as what @Patch mentioned initially and it is detecting the payment from the first and showing excess paid but the second invoice is not affected by this. I guess there is a bug. I even tried allocating to the invoice and the result is the same. I also tried deleting the invoice and the payment and tried again. The results are all the same.

I tried now the same as what @Patch mentioned. The payment is getting allocated to the second invoice and the balance is getting reduced from the first invoice. It should be the otherway. @lubos can you answer if there is a way to allocate the money manually. Before the system would automatically deduct the payment from 1st (or older invoice) and the balance will be deducted from the 2nd invoice.

please post screenshots of your invoice and the edit screen of your receipt. you can obscure confidential details.
also, you have not mentioned your Manager version, edition and OS.

@sharpdrivetek the edition is cloud. I found the issue, the 1st invoice though was dated earlier, the due date was after the 2nd invoice date. I corrected it and now all is well. Thanks @Patch @sharpdrivetek

another reason you should read the guides thoroughly. this is clearly mentioned in the guide i linked to in my earlier post.