Cash Flow Statement Groups

The latest version (21.6.77) is adding new concept called Cash Flow Statement Groups.

This is a mechanism to allow more compact cash flow statement where rather than showing every single account, groups can be shown instead.

Cash Flow Statement Groups are under Settings tab.


Then you can define custom groups under each cash flow statement category.

Once your groups are created, under Chart of Accounts, you can set the group for individual accounts.

For example, here I’m defining account Accounting fees to be shown on cash flow statement as Cash paid to suppliers.

And then on Cash Flow Statement, I see the group name instead of account name.

Currently, cash flow statement group can be set on custom balance sheet and custom profit & loss statement accounts only. So this is not yet complete implementation and still work in progress.


Thanks. I think that there should be the possibility also to force some accounts to be considered as cash accounts. Just one example. We use some “landing” accounts to match cash that we pay vs accounted tax debts. That’s because taxes outflows are based on municipalities instead the debts are classified on declaring modules by typology of tax.

So basically they have to be considered as a cash account.

Then why not just set them up as cash accounts?

It is something very similar to using an account to land Payments and Receipts instead of using Inter Account Transfers. This kind of account is de facto a cash account.

That sounds like it is just a clearing account. You can already designate such an account for whatever Cash Flow Statement activity classification you want. And you could assign it to any group. Therefore, it could be collapsed along with its group.

I don’t understand what you are asking for that cannot already be accomplished.

Correct. Sorry but English is not my mother tongue. A clearing account should considered as cash and should not be included in any of the three categories. Is it feasible?

That won’t work.

If there is a balance left on the clearing account, and it is excluded from the Cash Flow statement, the statement won’t balance.

I disagree. While the clearing or landing account might be involved in the balancing leg of a transaction (credit for debit), it is not cash. Cash does not flow into or out of the business via the clearing account, but via the bank or cash account. Your accrual of tax debts does not constitute movement of funds. I am probably not fully understanding what you are doing, but this does not seem like an issue for the Cash Flow Statement because it does not increase or decrease available cash.