Control Accounts for Employees - Cash Flow Statement field

I’ve noticed that when we create a Control Account for Employees, there is no option to select the Cash Flow Statement field, along with the respective group, such as Operating Activities, etc., as is available for other categories of control accounts like Customers.

I might be missing something here, otherwise it is proposed to be addressed.

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I think you confuse special accounts with control accounts. Please check again for example test business screenshots below of some other than the control account for Special Accounts:

I have the following:

I made a test (through a test business). I think that when you do not have Cash Flow Statement Groups active through Settings, no choice is provided (as the screenshots you shared) (Cash Flow Statement Groups can be active if we have also activated Bank and Cash Accounts tab).

That is correct. Manager typically suppresses options for functions that are not enabled or that do not make sense.

That is also true. As per previous comment, if you have no cash or bank accounts, you cannot have cash flow. Therefore, you cannot have a Cash Flow Summary, nor groups within it.

I cannot think of a reason there should not be such an option. I am moving this topic to ideas.

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I agree. The field should be there. Improved in the latest version (23.12.5)