Cash Basis Accounting

I have jut downloaded the desktop version and am in the process of setting it up.

I have a couple of issues so far:

1 On the set period tab, there is no drop down box to select accounting basis.
2 I can see no option for customer statements.

If anyone can help with either of these issues, it would be much appreciated.
The software looks like it will do all I need it to if these issues can be sorted.

Many thanks Sandra

This issue was discussed in this forum topic: Can't select accounting basis in reports. I thought it had been resolved, but apparently not, so I will raise it again with the developer through some moderator magic.

Meanwhile, if you create a sales or purchase invoice, the option should appear, even if you immediately delete the invoice.

Reports do not appear when they would be out of context. The Customers tab must be enabled and you must have at least one customer and sales invoice entered. Otherwise, there is no purpose for a customer statement.

Have you entered any sales? I just started using the software and found that the drop down box to select cash or accrual accounting only appeared once there was data to report on. Suggest you add a sale and see if it appears.

You could also try importing the sample northwind database and see if it is visible. See details at:

On another note, I’m quite impressed with the software. Well done to the dev team.


I have now entered sales invoices and have been able to change to cash basis, thanks for your help.

So far very impressed with the program.