Accrual method in desktop version

Hi! can I choose accrual/cash method in desktop version?- I read the guidence, but there is no such feature as stated in the guidence that I could select(

You say you’ve read the guides? Hmmm, weird that you didn’t find Choose between accrual or cash basis accounting | Manager I suggest next time you use the search function. :wink:

you misunderstand me- there no such button in my desktop version - on page this guidance refer to.
so when I select summary =>edit in the pop up screen I could choose to show balance for a specific period and to show/not to show zero balance

The guide has a prominent note that says:

“Accounting method cannot be selected until after the first sales or purchase invoice has been created.”

Have you created a sales or purchase invoice?

If you have, share a screen shot to show us where you expect to find the choice for cash or accrual basis.

I have only put the name of the business, selected some additional reports and add 1 supplier. no purchase/sales order, invoices or other stuff was created yet.
pls see screenshot attached - my understanding is that in summary, I should have this choice of methods :worried:

That would be your problem then

thanks, clear now :-). I will try