Accrual and cash basis accounting

I’m trying to set up my overall accounting basis but, I’m not able to choose between accrual or cash basis method.
I’m not getting the option to choose between both methods when I click “Edit” at the top of “Summary” page. I want to run the program on Linux Mint.

Thank you!

What version of Manager are you using?

What Tabs have you included?

The option to choose accounting method is only active if it is relevant - have you entered any transactions or created any bank accoynts?

Hi Joe91,

I’m using this version:

I haven’t entered any transaction yet. I just started to introduce my business information and setting up all the details. It is necessary to create a bank account first to set up the accounting method? Sorry, I’m new using Manager.

Thank you!

You need to enter an invoice. After which there is a difference between the reports for cash and accrual, and Manger then allows selecting an option (on the summary screen and individual reports). This is a design decision by the developer.

I would prefer to be able to set a business as defaulting to cash or defaulting to accrual during set up (as that is typically a decision between the business owner and their tax authority), but that option is not available in Manager.

Hi Patch.

I’m not able to choose the accounting method when click on edit on the summary screen but, I’m able to choose it on individual reports. It takes some practice!!

Thank you!

Did you enter an invoice?

Hello Tut,

Yes, I entered an Invoice.

Thank you!

I just upgraded to v23 and am having the same issue. The documentation doesn’t seem to match the version. I am using an existing business file from v19 and wanted to check that the settings remained correct.

There have been dozens of versions in 2023. What is your full version number?

And if you have the same issue, the resolution will be the same.

Please be specific. What doesn’t match?

This thread was about setting up a new business and choosing the accounting basis. Your statement raises no issue. Are you trying to make some point?

Sounds like you’re saying I won’t see an option for Accounting Method on an existing file?

a business in which no invoices have been entered.

The programming design logic is: there in no difference in any report between the two accounting method if no invoices have been entered.

Sorry I’m not explaining myself clearly. We have lots of invoices. I’m not worried about it. You can close my concern. I can run reports with Cash or Accrual setting, I just don’t see a system setting.

Are you saying you do not have the checkbox circled in this example when you click Edit on the Summary page:

The Guide shows an older presentation where you chose between accrual and cash basis. Accrual has always been the default. Now you just check a box if you want cash basis.

I do. I was saying the help image was different. So I guess I’ve got it. Thanks.