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HI, I am a new user for Manager. my concern is the part of choosing overall accounting basics of accrual vs cash. My business is cash based and I would like to manage it that way. but the software has no edit feature to change to cash based.

The guides shows where to change it, But I don’t see it in the desktop version. is this option only in cloud version ?

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Now, accounting basis is a reporting option in Manager that can be set in the summary as well as in individual reports where applicable.

You can refer to these guides for more detail:

Hi, thank you for your reply, however I have not yet found the guide more useful yet, as I mentioned in my initial query the EDIT part in the summary I don’t see it. Even after reading through the guide again I am unable to find. let me try and past a SS here.

That’s because you have not activated any of the tabs where accounting basis would apply.

Activate Sales Invoices tab by following this guide:

And the option to switch to cash basis should be available.

Edit: The option already appears in the image you posted and is already checked:


See the last checkbox here

Yes, I have checked this box, but the I did not see any drop down menu which enabled me to choose between the two types. I am sorry for being a noob.

I am setting up this accounting package to manage a small restaurant business, together with using my knowledge to get a good picture of running the business. I am getting confused as to which expenses would require daily input and which ones I can enter in the journal, how the two will be different. I have already setup some basic expenses that I incur in the expenses on Profit & Loss Statement.

P.S. Cash based expenses almost 90% and income earned varies from payments made mobile and cash.

Thank you.

No need for a drop-down menu, checking and unchecking the box changes the report basis:

  • Checked → Cash Basis
  • Unchecked → Accrual Basis

Hence the guide needs to be updated.

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Thank you for the clarification good sir. I will continue to look through the system and continue feeding data.

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