Cash and bank account


I also have another question.
I made the question about 1 month ago, but I still didn’t have a solution.

Now I have made a copy of the lines so you can see what I mean.

I will see in my balance resume the bookings on my bank and on my cash on the right line.
Now I only can see them on the line cash.

See the copy

Activa € 704,45
1000 kas 704,45
1100 Rabo 138 387 761 -
1300 Debiteuren -
2000 Kruisposten -

Wich need to be 41,47 kas and 663,08 Rabo is together 704,45

Can someone tell me how to fix this.

Thank you anyway.

You could either use 1000 & 1001, or
You could you could create a Custom Control Account as 1000 and point the two sub accounts 1001 & 1002 to it


Thank you for your answer.

I use either the accounts 1000 and 1100 as well.
I will book my cash on account 1000 and my bank on account 1100, but still I’ll see them in the balance resume on 1 line.
So you can see.

If you want them on two lines in the balance resume, create custom control accounts for both and then re-point the sub accounts to the custom control accounts. You may have to rejig the codes to suit

1000 Kas Custom Control account - 1001 Kas Sub Account

Thank you,

It’s done now.