Carrying Forward Closing Balance from 2017 to 2018

How Shall i Carry forward the Inventory Closing Balance for year 2017 as opening Balance in 2018

If you use the inventory module it isn’t necessary to carry the closing balance into the following year as an opening balance.

Check both I changed the Date but unable to see

Check this Now

It isn’t 2018 yet. So Manager is ignoring all the transactions that would make up an opening balance on 1 January 2018.

See this Guide:

If there is a balance, it will show under Opening balance column whether you are looking at historical or future report. Manager doesn’t care what date is today when generating reports.

@Jujar_merchant, do you have anything set under Start Date when in Settings tab? Start date indicates when did you start using Manager, not when your latest financial year has started. Transactions before start date are ignored. So if you are changing Start Date under Settings, then don’t.

My answer seemed to make sense when I wrote it. Now I wonder why I said what I did. That’s the peril of trying to think before coffee. Apologies to you, @Jujar_merchant. Of course, I was confusing Start Date with beginning date of the report. As @lubos said, that is probably your issue.