Closing balance and opening balance

Hi Its weird, the closing balance for year 2022 for inventory quantities became different comes 2023. Ending balance of Inventory for year 2022 is 330,828 then comes Jan 01 2023 the opening balance became 209,427.

Please advise what to do:

Manager is perpetual accounting system, so there is no year end closing procedure as such

What do you mean by Opening and Closing balance?

Please show screen images?

What edition (Cloud, Desktop, Server) and version number are you using?

You might also run a report across the FYE to see what movement there is between the particular dates.

Hi Joe,

This is a print screen for Ending Qty. for 2022:

This is a print screen for Beginning Qty. for 2023:

I see some recordings from 2022 that appear in 2023. Its really weird since I closed the year 2022. I don’t know how it happened.

Hi Joe,

This is the latest cloud version we had

Those screenshots show completely different stock items and one can’t see dates, nor the screen you created the reports from so that people can see how those reports were created.

I have no idea what those screen shots are - there are no headings or explanation of what how you obtained them

I can’t even hazard a guess of what they are showing