Capital gain on investment is not calculated

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Harry_Shen in Nov '22 wrote:

it seems a bug, Capital gain on investment is not calculated after sale the investment when a investment is belong to a investment CONTROL ACCOUNT. it will calculate the capital gain if you remove the investment item from control account.

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Solved by lubos:

Should be fixed in the latest version (

Just an FYI, as of version the bug still remains. However, I have a workaround if you are experiencing this problem. In the “Investment” tab, click “New Investment”, name it “Bug Placeholder” (or whatever you want), leave the “Control account” field blank and everything else blank. Save it. That should fix it. It appears that you just need SOMETHING to generate the top level “Investments” account… which can then generate the Control Accounts underneath it.

I am still not able to recognize the capital gains when recording sales. I would very much appreciate if you can guide me by way of snap shots of the entries. I am maintaining investment portfolio and this would be very much helpful in my accounting for investment. Many thanks…

@Shabbir_Abdullah see this guide: Investment Revaluations -

Many thanks for the reply. My point is the booking of Capital Gain in Income Statement - on my sale of Investment. Problem occurs when I record receipt of cash (sale of Inv) the whole amount of proceeds is reduced from the Investment book value. Principally only be portion of cost should be reduced and the difference of sale and cost be shown under “Realised Capital Gain on Invesment”