Expenses claims showing as Suspense in Capital Accounts Summary

I thought I would try and allocate the home office expenses to each shareholder a different way I usually do it by journal.
So I was reading about expense claims. I followed the guide but when I go to capital account summary report it puts it in as suspense what am I doing wrong or am I using expense claims for the wrong thing?
This is the 2 captial accounts set up and been in use for a few years

This is one of the 2 expense claims

this is the correct entry in the P&L
this is the captial account summary report and it says suspense

am I supposed to have another entry to take it out of suspense

I can replicate this bug. I have moved the topic to the buts category and changed the subject.

Oh Thank you @Tut I have been trying alsorts because I thought it was me. So because of your answer does that mean I am using expense the right way and that indeed is what it is used for?

I cannot answer that, because you did not furnish sufficient information. Let me make several points:

  • The Guide, https://www.manager.io/guides/6898, explains when to use expense claims. Home office expenses in many jurisdictions are only partially deductible as business expenses. (I don’t know New Zealand law on this issue.) Any business expense recorded as an allowance through expense claims should only be for the deductible portion of the expense; that applies to home office expense, too. So, if the home office expenses are partially allowable, the proration must occur before entering the expense claim amount.
  • Home office expense are sometimes accounted for separately from net business income in tax filings. That is, they are considered deductions from income of the owner, not the business. If that is the case in New Zealand, they should not be recorded in any way in the accounts of the business.
  • You mentioned shareholders, implying a corporate business structure. In some jurisdictions, home office expenses are only allowable for sole traders. Again, New Zealand law will govern.
  • I assumed (and tested) the situation in which capital account owners’ expense claims are posted directly to their capital accounts. This means that either (a) they were not separately created as expense claims payers or (b) the expense claims were allocated to their names under the Members category when completing the expense claim form. You did not provide information on that situation.

All good Tut yes we are allowed to claim and that is a % of the full home office. So the amount is calculated and put in the accounts as homeoffice in expenses and shareholders funds introduced.
No I did not set them up as expense claims payers I used their current accounts
When I first started using manager in 2015 I did everything by journal entry as that is what I was used to for the previous 12 years.I like to hear of new ways of doing things so when someone suggests something I do try it but not all manager features suit everybody.It still the best accounting package around for me :slight_smile: Any way thanks for the help will change heading in PDF and await for the bug to be fixed

Yay all fixed when I updated to the 20.8.20 version. Thank you @Tut and @lubos