Capital Accounts Setting

Hi, Can anyone please help me with the capital accounts setting? I have added a capital account and add a transaction to add funds in the business. But don’t know why it’s showing balance in negative.

Screenshot 2021-05-30 001502

Not sure what you are showing in the last image - show the whole screen

@Joe91 @Muhammad_Umar Could it not be that the amount is maybe not cleared yet?

I have absolutely no idea of what your last screen image was

It is a drill-down in the Capital Accounts tab on the balance for Muhammad Umar (the forum poster).

Because the capital account is in credit. What you see in this particular display is a consequence of a design choice in Manager. The program represents credits as negative numbers and debits as positive numbers for its calculations. At appropriate places, however, it adapts the +/- signs to conventional display formats. So a capital account in credit shows on the Summary page or on the balance sheet as a positive number. In this particular display, it shows the raw numbers and, therefore, a negative number.

If you drill down from the Summary page, you will see a different display that includes Debit and Credit columns and an indication of whether the running balance is a debit or credit.

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@Tut @Joe91 @kobus_Jhg , thanks for your reply guys.

The main issue is not showing the capital amount in “cash in hand” at all it’s just only showing sales.

Balance Sheet

All receipts/payments

How I added the capita trasaction

It appears you have post-dated your capital contribution into 2022 (second screen shot); adjust to 2/24/2021 and I suspect this will resolve your issue.


Your software is also hundreds of versions out of date. Update so the Guides and answers on the forum make sense. Both will be in terms of more current versions of the program.


Thank you all for your quick assistance it really solved my problem. and really sorry for silly mistake. :frowning: