Capital account

I’m trying to find the “capital accounts” but without success. Under the “customize” menu there is no option to activate the capital accounts.
Where can i find it?

What version are you using? Try to upgrade to the latest version from

i just download the program, normally should have the updated version.

Not sure what you mean by that. Have you been able to find Capital accounts option?

Hi Lubos, unfortunatelly i cant find it. I have unistall and reinstall the programm several times but i still cant find it. The version is 14.11.16

There are at least four different places where you can click Customise button. Since Capital accounts option is under Settings tab, you need to click Customise under Settings tab.


I follow exactly the way you described but nothing, “settings” submenu doesn’t have the specific option as well the “logo” option for email or invoices. Any other option?

When you are customising your Settings tab, you don’t see this?

No i dont see these options.

Then you are not using the latest version (14.11.16) as I took this screenshot from the latest. How do you know you are using 14.11.16? What does it say when you click on About Manager

Manager 14.11.16

This is what I see when I click on “About Manager”

Can you show me some screenshots? I really can’t see how is it not available.

For example, I’m interested to see screenshot what you see when you go to Settings tab and after clicking Customise button.