Missing capital subaccounts

I can’t find these accounts shown in this guide

@BawarYassin Activate the capital accounts first from the manager right allocation list

If you meant this I already have it activated

Please post the screenshot of your settings tab @BawarYassin .

Here is it

See Second line first item.

I see but that wasn’t my question. My question is where are these automatically created sub-accounts ?

They come up when entering a transaction…

They show up in Journal entries. So if you create a new Journal entry and select Capital Accounts it will allow you to select one of the Accounts you created yourself in Settings (as per @Omnipotent.inc) and it will then prompt a select box with the build in ones.

However, I agree that this is confusing as Manager calls the Capital subaccounts you create in settings Capital Accounts and in essence only calls the build in ones subaccounts. Although not a bug I think that @Lubos should try to improve on the terminology to avoid confusion.

Mine shows nothing except for sub accounts that I make manually. What version are you using?

Please see my instructions. They will only show when making a Journal entry agains any of those accounts you created in Settings. I use Manager v21.11.96 Server edition and MacOS Desktop. I have no problem on both. As mentioned only the terminology is confusing.

@BawarYassin, as soon as you enable the Capital Accounts tab, the Capital Subaccounts link appears in Settings. You have the three subaccounts shown in the Guide by default. If they are not there for you in the Capital Subaccounts listing, that means you deleted or renamed them.

These are the default ones listed in settings sub-accounts as per @tut mention:

Screenshot 2021-12-31 at 19.46.42

I got nothing there :(.

You can look at my backup to see for yourselves.
Test No Subaccounts (2021-12-31).manager (92 KB)
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Well, I can’t reproduce that.

@Tut @eko
I just created a Capital account in a new test business and I also don’t see the ‘automatic’ sub accounts??
Using 21.11.63

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Happy new year @VACUUMDOG
I have Created a test business and automatic capital Subaccounts is their.
I have also checked on localization server
Automatic capital subsccounts are also present their.

Try after updating to latest version.

Desktop Version 21.11.96

I also Found the Same problem in Server Edition Version 21.11.96

But When i have tested on Server Edition version 21.11.88

and localization server automatic capital subaccounts are appearing on a correct place.
This may be an bug Appeared after version 21.11.88.