Can't add customers

Trying to set up from new download, trying to add customers. when I click on customers NO NEW Customer tab appears. Can not build my customer base.

Did you enable the Customers tab in the Customize menu? See the Guide: Enter customers | Manager.

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Hello TUT,
Yes I did, but NO, NEW CUSTOMER tab appears, And the sidebar is greyed out.

please post relevant screenshots to understand the problem better.
also provide your Manager version, edition and your OS details.

@hutchy, there is no tab for new customers. There is a Customers tab that has a New Customer button. What, exactly are you referring to?

If the left navigation pane is greyed out, that suggests you are still on the Customize page and have not clicked the Update button at the bottom. Scroll down to find it.

you TUT,
I realised that I had not updated the navigation pane, it pays to read the guide carefully.!!!
All working now.

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