Cannot Install on windows 8

I am unable to install Manager on windows 8, 64bit
Its showing the following error message when I try to install.

This is generic Windows installer error.

There is a Youtube video which explains how to fix this error.

See - YouTube

Thanks for your instant reply, its working now.

Cannot install to windows 8

Read the error message. It’s your .NET Framework version, not Windows 8.

How to fix it?

Update .NET Framework.

Google .net framework 4.5.2 and that will point you to Microsoft website where you can download it.

Is it not possible to program Manager to say that you need to install .net before installing Manager. I was installing some wireless software today and it actually told me to install Java first, so I guess program installers can detect if required software is actually installed.

Perhaps the error message just needs to be re-written so that it comments a positive action.

“Manger requires .NET Framework Ver 4.5.2 or higher, please update your .NET Framework before installing Manager”

No that error message is a generic Microsoft error message. What I am recommending is that Manager be compiled to check whether abc is installed before running the install of manager. So basically before the install process actually starts, the program should verify that all dependencies are installed, then begin the install.

And this is exactly what is happening here. Manager refuses to be installed until dependencies are met.

Oh sorry, I was looking at the picture in the very first post! Not the second picture in the post lower down. You are quite right. Sorry ignore my previous post.

Maybe the topic should be split as they are two completely different error messages.