Cannot Import .ofx using web version of manager


If i try to import a .ofx file into the web version of manager it gives me the following error. Using that same file i can import it to the desktop version of manager without any problems

Can somebody confirm this? This is definitely a bug with the cloud version. As it works fine with the desktop version.

Could you please send me your OFX file to ? I will try to reproduce the issue.

In some cases, when importing bank statements, Manager is using number format as defined under Preferences tab. It’s possible you have different number format set on desktop edition which is compatible with your OFX file that’s why it works on desktop and on in the cloud. If you set number format in the cloud the same as in desktop, it could fix the issue.

@lubos Any update on this issue? I have sent you the .ofx per mail as requested.

Should be fixed in the latest version (19.2.76)