Cannot delete 'Inventory Kit'

I cannot delete an ‘Inventory Kit’ that was used in the past but which is no longer used, even though I deleted all ‘Sales Orders’ where I used it.

I can delete a new ‘Inventory Kit’ and immediately delete it, so I guess somewhere there must be a hidden reference hanging around… but where ? Any suggestions where to look ?

I don’t think there is any hidden reference hanging around. All transactions are shown in tabs (even those in invalid state - nothing is hidden).

I will need to implement something that will show you list of all transactions where that inventory kit is being used.

Thanks, but I don’t think this is high priority. I can just ignore that stubborn inventory kit for now.

Try this. Go to Chart of Accounts under Settings tab. And click on the number in Transactions column for Sales of inventory items account.

This will give you a list of all transactions which have been posted to this account. One or more of those transactions will be selling inventory kit you are trying to delete (try to search for it if the list of transactions is too big).

This way you can find the invoice or other transaction which is referencing that inventory kit.

Thanks for the answer. I already managed to delete it by deleting everything else. (It was only in a test database, so no problem). I’ll remember if it ever happens again.

BTW, I decided to go with Manager and not with FrontAccounting. I like the ease of use of Manager and the nice clean look and feel. Good job !