Delete Non-Inventory item

I have a non-inventory item I would like to delete. I click edit on the item, then delete I get the message “This record cannot be deleted because it is already referenced by another object”.

How do I find where the item is referenced? Thanks

You have two options

  1. just make it inactive by ticking the box, or

  1. (haven’t tested this so may not work) to track the transactions where the non-inventory item has been used - create a COA called “Obsolete” and then with in the non-inventory item tick both the “this item can be purchased/sold” boxes and allocate “Obsolete” as the account.

The big question is - will any past transaction that have this non-inventory item now be re-allocated to the “Obsolete” account, i.e. will it retrospectively change past transaction or only transactions from the change forwarded. If yes to retrospectively, then the transactions can be identified

The next question is, how are you going to change them so the non-inventory item can be available for deletion - possibly option 1 is the best solution.

Only changes going forward will be affected. The non-inventory item information is referenced only when it is used to fill a line item on a form. That’s why the Inactive checkbox was added.

Thank you @Brucanna. I will try option 2 first and if it doesn’t work use option 1.

I’ll let you know how it goes. I appreciate your help. Have a good day :grin: