Cannot create anything new or edit (Desktop version)

Our firm has been using a Manager desktop version (20.5.x I think) for a year without any updates. Today, one of our staff updated to v21.5.8 and while we can open existing data, but we cannot create anything new, nor can we edit any existing data.

Every time we click on the new button in any section - whether it is an invoice or receipt or purchase or customer or reports, the template does not appear.

What can we do to fix this?

Update. I backed up the database and uploaded it to my Cloud subscription and it works just fine.

PS. We have also been getting this message with the 21.5.8 installer: “This package was created with a trial version of Advanced Installer. You may use it for evaluation purposes only”.

  • What operating system Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit, Mac, Linux?

  • What operating system version?

  • If using Windows have you installed Webview2?

WIndows 10 64 bit
Manager Desktop 64 bit
Webview2? What is that?

Previously Manager desktop on Windows used Microsoft Internet Explorer to render the user interface. The current version uses Microsoft WebView2, which uses / is part of Microsoft Edge.

If you prefer to load it offline you can use

Installed it. Rebooted computer. No change.

Try installing the same version of Manager again and selecting repair

No change.

I noticed a newer version has been released and I tried that - same.

The whole program seems to be locked - I can’t even change many of the settings.

For example, I can go to Tracking Codes and attempt to add a new code, but nothing happens when I click Create.

I can reproduce the issue.

@Mesquire uninstall version you have and the currently published version for Windows which is now 21.5.7.

This should fix the issue for now.

Except for the message “This package was created with a trial version of Advanced Installer. You may use it for evaluation purposes only” everything is working again!


they said that the desktop version is free for ever,
how come it becomes a trial version?

There has been no change to that as far as I’m aware.

That suggest Lubos has used a trial version of software to make the installer for Windows, and fix a bug in a remarkably short time. Not that Manger Desktop is now a trial program.

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The license I have fails to activate during build process today. So until this is resolved, unfortunately there is going to be this confusing/annyoing free trial message.