Can the name of Withholding tax be changed to TDS on Invoices?


In my country, the term “Withholding Tax” is not that acceptable. We rather use the term TDS for the same. So, I was wondering if there is any possibility to get the name of the term as TDS on my invoices please.


if you are familiar with programming, then you can customize your theme.

find the below in your theme
{{ total.label }}

and replace it with the below
{{ total.label | replace: "Withholding tax", "TDS" }}

make sure you do not modify anything else.

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Thanks a ton.

Will give it a try soon.

Thanks & Best Regards

Please do not include personal information in your forum posts. I have edited you post to remove it.

Thanks for it. I did it unintentionally though @Tut.

I tried it & it worked smoothly.

Thanks so much once again @sharpdrivetek :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I tried doing this, but couldn’t find {{ total.label }}. Can you help?

Where did you look?

It is in the theme, around line 59