Can Manager handle investment tracking?

I need to include the value of my employer’s share, bond and unit trust investments in the balance sheet. These investments are bought or sold fairly regularly. And the prices change daily, though in practice I only normally update the prices when I print a monthly report of their current valuation.

How would you recommend is the best way to record this in Manager? Or would you consider producing a specific investment module?

You don’t state if it a Business or Private Balance Sheet

The solution would be to hold them as Inventory Items especially if they are bought & sold regularly.
This enables any disposal be transferred to the P&L without requiring separate Journals.

If there are other types inventory on the balance sheet, then you can set up the investments within there own inventory Custom Control Account.

Each purchase can be recorded as a separate inventory item, rather then an accumulation.
If you purchase 2000 shares on three separate occasions (without selling) then that becomes 3 inventory item rather then one 6000 inventory item which assists with later re-selling.

Brokerage can be added to the purchase and recorded when sold. Because of the custom income and expense feature, you can show any profit on sale or loss on sale on there own single P&L line

With regards to periodic re-valuations you set up appropriate accounts to receive this data

With regards to Dividends, these can be stored within their own P&L section.

Thanks @Brucanna. I will have a go with this over the next week or so.

At the moment I keep track of his investments on a spreadsheet. Most are business investments but a few are personal.

Is Manager also suitable for personal accounts, setting up a new business to keep them separate?

In that case I would also would consider keeping them separate when using Manager.
As the chart of account structure required could be difficult to merge within a standard business.
That’s how I do it, then set up an editable Journal to consolidate when required.
Below is the COA I use over two screenshots - couldn’t squeeze into one.


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