SIP and Mutual Funds

How do I record an SIP and Mutual Fund and track the gain on the investment even though its not sold ?

Eg. Mutual Fund - Units 1 Rate 100 - Value 100 Date Jan 2017 (Purchased )
Mutual Fund - Unit 1 Rate 110 - Value 110 Date Jan 2018 ( Held )

I want to be able to track the rate of gain / loss every year from date of purchase and also when sold the income from it.

If its a standalone investment then as follows or combine the two Asset accounts into one.
If its a multiple investment then consider using Inventory Items for each separate purchase.

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How would I track the increase or decrease in market valuation in the following years through Journal entries in the Mutual Fund - Market Value Adj and Revaluation ?

Also can you be kind enough to show an example using inventory items.

Can Lubos add an interface for SIP’s and Mutual Funds as these are pretty standard investments and would be good to track. I am sure many users would benefit from this .

Yes, through Journal Entries

Have a read of this topic first, it relates more to the share market but the activity is similar