Buying of Company Shares/Securities Share Market

When recording purchased fixed assets like vehicles, they get allocated and tracked.

How does one do so with intangible assets like multiple shares in different companies?

Manager doesn’t have a module to track shares. So you will simply need to create an asset account under your Chart of Accounts called Stock investments or similar. Then post regular journal entries to account for gains/losses.

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Would I also need to record this an as intangible asset?

No. Intangible Assets should be used for things that must be amortized, like the value of a trademark or patent that you purchased from a previous owner. Also, sometimes the purchase of an ongoing business includes a portion of the price for “good will.” Such assets are not physical items, like Fixed Assets, but have value that lasts for long periods. So from an accounting perspective, they are not current operating expenses and cannot be depreciated, although the concept is very similar.

any plans of launching module for buying and selling of securities - using FIFO or Wt. Avg. for pricing of sales and calculating profits/losses on the securities’ transaction?

There are many program available to administer and manage investments in shares

Manager is not really the right tool if you want to track and follow your investments. It can be done but will not be able to do it as well as a properly designed tool designed to track investments in shares and other securities


This can be done now - read this topic: