Can import my suppliers and customers into a new business

I need to re build my 2021-2022 Tax year and was wondering if I can import my suppliers and customers into a new business.
EDIT: Also expenses.
Can anyone offer advice please.

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  • You create new business.
  • In your old business, you use Batch Update (from Suppliers, Customers etc.) and Copy the respective data.
  • In the new business, you use Batch Create in Suppliers, Customers and import the data you have copied.

Ok cool, I’ll try this.

That was so easy to do, thanks for the info, you saved me all weekend doing this on each customer, supplier etc.

Perhaps it would be useful if you explained why you are rebuilding a business. There may be better ways to accomplish your goals.

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I have an issue where my report on the income for GST is different than the Profit Loss for 2021-2022.
I was thinking there might be a bug in that financial year so rebuilding 2021-2022 might be a better plan.
I’m not sure on how to find this issue I’m having.

You would be better off looking for the problem. Bugs do not propagate problems into the data file.

Explain the problem and illustrate with screenshots.

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The profit and loss statement shows sales of $31,265.55 excluding GST. Whereas, when I add up what’s reported on my BAS’s for the four quarters during 2021/22, sales net of GST equals $25,578. (i.e. $27,396 - $1,818)

Screenshots? Also, how do you expect anyone without access to your records to find a problem?

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My accountant found the issue and contacted me.
Screen shots to come.

Here is my P&L plus my GST report.
Now I’m getting different numbers on my BAS than quarterly BAS statements.

Anyone have a fix for this issue? I uploaded screens shoot as requested.
You can see my sales were 31k and then my BAS is showing 19k
Something has gone wrong.

Yep, you are the only one who can.

  • G1 Total sales will show the total value if items with tax code the report recognises.
  • Income Sales will show the total value of items posted to that account excluding the GST.

As the Income sales is higher there is likely to be entries with no tax code or a custom tax code not recognised by the GST report.

To find such entries, in the profit and loss report, click on sales, then click on the tax code heading (to sort by tax code). Scrolling through the list will show the problem entries.

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I’ve gone through all of my sales and all tax codes are correct.
Thanks anyway.

Found this Cash basis adjustment of $7850 which I’m not sure about however these sales invoices have been paid and with the correct GST.

I still think that is not the case.
Drill down on the GST report, G1 total sales. You may be able to recognise what is not there.

There’s nothing unusual or different that I have found on the second pass through.

Clearly there is a difference in transactions included.
Open both drill downs in separate windows, sort by a common column and go through entry by entry. The sales window will contain transactions the G1 doesn’t or the G1 drill down has other negative entries.

They will never be exactly the same as they represent different things. To understand the differences you will need to look at the detail.

I suspect you would like them to differ only by GST

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Yep, I’m onto to this now and hope to find something amiss in this.