How to calculate sellers commission?

How to calculate sellers commission?
I have added the name of the seller from the specified fields in the sales and purchases invoice after the statement field.
Can I make a statement to the seller of what he sold and bought and the profit difference between them, and then give the seller a share of the profit?

You need to furnish a more detailed explanation of the personnel and exact sequence of events involved. For example, it is not clear what the “seller’s” relationship to your business is. And what do you mean by “specified fields” and “statement field?” Those are not terms that mean anything in Manager. Terminology is important.

create custom field in sales invoices name, fill in sellers name , go for reports for sales totals of custom field

recommend to use old ones

I created a custom field on the sales invoice with the name of the vendor and I want a sales report with the name of the vendor

It does not appear to me

You did not answer my questions.

We are a tourism company, and when a customer comes to us to request a specific service, we tell him what is available and its price, and the seller tries to convince him and satisfy him, and if he completes the deal, he gets a commission from the profit, and thus:
The seller is the one who deals with customers and tries to sell to them
By defined fields, I mean custom fields
The Statement field is the description on the Sales and Purchase Invoice

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@ahmedsamy, you still have not made the situation understandable. Who invoices the customer? Who does the customer pay? Why does the “seller” only get a commission if he has provided the service? It sounds instead like you should be getting the commission for helping the seller make a sale of his services.

If the seller is the one who deals with the customer and sells to them, the customer is not yours (in accounting terms). They are someone else’s customer. Or are you really saying that the “seller” simply directs the customer to you so you can provide the service? In other words, is the seller an independent sales agent, such as a hotel concierge or travel agent?

In that case, why are you asking how to calculate commission? The commission would be whatever amount or percentage you agreed to pay to the outside sales agent. If you are asking how to enter commissions in Manager, they must be separate transactions from your invoice to the customer who receives the service, because they involve a separate entity. The agent may send you an invoice, which you enter as a purchase invoice, then pay. Or you could make a direct payment. Either way, the commission does not appear on the end customer’s invoice. Remember, we know nothing about your operation, what you do, or how you do it. Tell us the complete story of a typical transaction.

If all you are asking is how to calculate the commission on a transaction, enter a formula in the relevant unit price field. See Perform calculations in number fields | Manager.

I am now a travel company, flight booking
I have employees who a customer comes to to ask about a flight
The employee searches for the customer’s requirements at the best price
When a customer settles on a particular flight, the employee buys it from the IATA or private aviation organization, and let’s say he buys it for $400 and then sells it to the customer for $420. The commission has become $20.
I give the employee who bought and sold the ticket a percentage of the commission, say 5% to 10% depending on the target commission.

You have now described a much different situation than your vague description that involved a “seller.” This makes @Rabie’s suggestion a good approach. Create a custom field with a drop-down list of employees. Create Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field, selecting the employee name field. There is an example of exactly this situation in the Guide: Create sales invoice reports | Manager. From there, you can apply your commission formula by using a payslip earnings item. Add the periodic commissions to employees’ balances in Employee clearing account. Settle when you pay the payroll.

Your problem will be if you have different commission rates for different services. That would require opening each sales invoice to separately calculate commissions.

That’s already what I did, I added a custom field in the Sales and Purchase Invoice
But when I want to make sales invoice totals according to the custom field, the custom field does not appear

Post screenshots of the Edit screen for the custom field and the Edit screen for a sales invoice that does not show up. Also, show the Edit and View screens for the report.

Your problem is that you defined line item custom fields. You need to use regular sales invoice custom fields in order to use the report. The report’s title is the clue: sales invoice totals, not line item totals.

Can you help me to do that, by screenshot ?

Read the Guide.

Ok, can you link

It is better that you learn how to search the Guides yourself. The answers are almost always there.