Buying digital licences for web templates to then sell to end user

ok, now to put a spin on Digital Licences,
Say i purchase a digital licence for a website template, this licence can only be used once, i then sell this licence to a customer, what would be the recommenced method?

I am currently using the following:
I have an account assets->Hosting->Templates
I have a purchase invoice raised for the cost of the template against that account, it then shows as positive say $18.
I then sell a line item with the account set to the templates account that then reduces the account back to $0.

now these items are licenced for only so many uses, would it be better to use these in the “taboo” inventory? and when i buy more licences they can increase in count.

If you are purchasing something that will be later billed to client, you can use Billable Expenses tab.