Business Home Page...updated when?

Thanks for developing this, I use it to track investments, businesses, Super, SMSF and personal tax income/expenses and love the simplicity…can I request a simple update?

On the Business home page where it lists the businesses that a “last date updated/modified” be included.

This would be a simple update (I assume, if not then I can understand) that’d help where multiple “businesses” are used to track what has been updated and when.

Thanks and keep up the good work

You can get that information by going to the History of each business.

yes but I’d like to have a single view of all so I can quickly scan the information and know if I need to update. For some of the businesses it is easier to update monthly while others can be left to quarterly updates. Having the “last updated” included where the businesses are listed with the size of the file could also include a “last updated” column.

Unfortunately, that could possibly reveal information to users not authorized to see it, depending on how permissions for users of server and cloud editions are set up.

fair enough. As a single user who has access to all the info I didn’t think of that. Not sure displaying a date could compromise security but that’s not a call for me to make.


Yes, I think this would be cool to have. A column to show the most recent transaction/modification date.

Imagine a holding company with several businesses. Owners might wish to very strictly control access to any information whatsoever about closely held businesses, including how often accounts are updated. Yet they might give some employees access to several other businesses for operational support, making it necessary for them to see the Businesses page.

People do all sorts of strange things when it comes to their money.