Business Activity Statement add totals

Is it possible to add two more totals on to the Business Activity Statement, 1 Amount owed to the ATO
2 Amount Owed by the ATO

The Business Activity Statement Report now on Manager is very good.

If the above request is able to be done it would be perfect. The requirement is so that a client can be issued with the BAS and be advised what is the financial outcome for the period.
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Attached business adds totals that can be added to

Grand total to pay ATO can not be calculated by Manager as it depends on a businesses PAYG income tax installment so is not as useful as may imagine

Hi Patch thank you for your reply. I believe that it should be able to calculate !A - 1B + W2 .
The business Tax Instalment is not relevant as this is a personal tax calculated on the sole trader’s income and nothing to do with the BAS. W2 is the tax withheld from the employees income (W1) I use this Report to present to the client for signature and advice on their GST position.
Hoping this can be achieved.
Thanking you

I though that is what the above attached localisation does, but perhaps I got the signs wrong.

By the way I would have preferred to have done it with the liquid “concat:” filter then drill down on the reported answers would occur however that will need to wait for a Manager update. Also all localisations give an liquid error when displaying the Business name, which I think also needs to wait to program level changes

When a sole trade put in their BAS they pay their personal income tax instalment at the same time, which Manger can not calculate (it is calculated by the ATO and comes up on the business portal when submitting your BAS)

Hi Patch,
On the Australian Version the Business Name is ok (on mine anyway) - and yes The PAYG Instalment is calculated by the ATO and is on the Individual’s login on the the Portal or in some cases sent as a paper advice to the Individual with the relevant payment details.
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Wrong localisation, the error occurs on the STP localisation with this code
{{ }}

Interestingly in the “Business Activity Statement — Simpler”, this code works OK
{{ business.Name }}

So looks like it is just the case of the “N” in name is wrong it the “Single Touch Payroll Worksheet”

The latest version will show totals in both reports like this:


Or in case of tax refund, it will say Amount owed by ATO

Excellent. Thanks Lubos :grinning:

Hi Lubos,
This is what is so great about Manager. When a legitimate request is made it is listened to and acted upon where possible. Thank you very much for your promptness - this now makes these reports very functional.