Bulk Delete or Update specific customers

i tried to use Bulk Delete and this feature delete all customers ( i have more than 1000 customer)
i tried to export them to edit them than Batch create them again but the Billing Address wasn’t been exported just the Name and the CustomFields that i created was exported! Any solution or Trick ?

How did you export? Don’t click Export button. Click Batch update and download spreadsheet that is to be used for batch update.

okay thank you, but how to select specific 50 customers and delete them? that never had any invoices since a long time.

You can’t delete customers if they have been already used in transaction. You can mark them “Inactive” though.

ok no problem with marking them inactive, is there a way to select the 50 customers and mark them inactive? or i have to edit each one by one?

You can do Batch update to mark customers inactive in bulk.

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Okay , exporting the spreadsheet from the batch Update , then editing the Inactive from False to True, post it again in Batch update and clicking Next, nothing happening.

Name BillingAddress Email Telephone Fax Mobile Notes BusinessIdentifier StartingBalance Code Inactive CreditLimit HasStartingBalance CustomField[Date P1] CustomField[Title] CustomField[Guaranty] CustomField[Customer Mobile Number] CustomField[File Number] CustomField[Phone Number] CustomField[P1] CustomField[P0] Key
Rola Kaakour “Dora
center maryoussef
floor#6” 0 true False 10/08/2016 Market Line
10000 03/963321 985 Aline
Ahmad Ali “Hamra
Abo Taleb
Diamond Bldg Floor#6” 0 False False 10/05/2016 Market Line
5000 03/858585 1222 Dalia

I think i know now what is happening,
because i have added too much custom fields the software is exporting them in a disorder tsv and when i am re-importing them, the Manager software couldn’t recognize them. how can i fix this problem ?

i have just tested the batch update on a new business without any custom field and it is working fine.

When doing batch update, do not use Export button. Use Batch update button only which will allow you to export data in format which can be re-imported.