Bulk categorize Suspense items

Is there a way to categorize in bulk a selected number of Suspense items into a single Category (Payments or Receipts) instead of having to categorize each one separately. I know how to use Payment and Receipt Rules for multiple items sharing the same attributes but what about when say 100 separate items with different attributes are still remainng that each have to be individually categorized? I would like to select all of them at once, or perhaps a selected number of them, and bulk categorize them to a single category (such as Miscellaneous Expenses). Any way to do this?

There is Find & Recode feature but that one is pretty limited so not sure if it’s enough for you.

See: Find and recode receipts | Manager

I’m looking at implementing generic find & recode across all tabs so that will be another option in the future.

There is also ability to batch update through spreadsheet but it’s not user friendly unless you are more technical so normally I do not recommend it.

Bank rule order may achieve enough.

  • Have specific rules first
  • make the last rule a non specific catch all for the remaining items

A Find and Recode Payments routine would achieve the goal.

Step One: Follow Patch’s suggestion to dump all of the remaining items into a generic expense account.

Step Two: Use Find and Recode Payments to recategorize selected items to desired expense account.

Lubos, this would be a great improvement and, I hope, would not require too much new coding since you already have written the similar routine for Receipts.