Bug with Rupee amount In words (plus Rupee symbol)

As you seen in the image which I share there are total amount of invoice in
numeric and total in word are not same.

It appears that it seeing the square in front of the numbers as Rupees
The questions is - what is causing the square ?
Should it be the Rupees symbol ?

@aastik121, please show a screen shot of your Base Currency setting.

Here is a previous topic on the “square” Issue with currency symbol

Hi tut
My base currency is INR.

That’s what I thought you might have meant, but it is 59.00 and “Fifty Nine”, which are equivalent.

Indeed, perhaps that is what @aastik121 meant…

@Tut @Brucanna @lubos

this is a bug.

As shown by @aastik121 in the screenshot above, the total in words should read Rupees Fifty Nine and not Rupess and Fifty Nine

Also, the Rupee currency symbol ₹ does not appear when viewing any transaction. But it does appear when generated as a pdf with the internal pdf generator. The post pointed by @Brucanna regarding this says it is an issue with older computers with an OS prior to the introduction of this symbol. But I am using Windows 10.

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I have elevated this to bug status.

Regarding the ₹ symbol appearing as a blank square, i would like to say that it may not be an issue with Manager. The symbol appears perfect when the text format is regular like for sub-total but appears as a blank square when the text format is Bold like the invoice Total.

I agree that it sounds like a font issue, based on those symptoms.


Thanks for your support

But Blank square is not my problem. My problem is in total in word section
there was appear RUPEES AND FIFTY NINE inspite of RUPEES FIFTY NINE.

Understood. There were two possible issues raised in this topic, one was what you mentioned above and the other was the missing currency symbol.

@Tut tagged the topic as a bug, so it will be investigated further by the developer (lubos) when he sees it.

The amount in words should be fixed in the latest version. As for the currency symbol, this is related to the fact that symbol was introduced relatively recently and many fonts don’t have it.

Currently Manager will use the font installed on your computer. When PDF is generated, Manager will use font embedded within Manager. This explains why the font shows in PDF and not on the screen.

Something will be done about this in future.

@lubos i can confirm that the issue is solved in the version 17.9.76

but there is another problem when the invoice total is not rounded.

In the above example, the Total in words should be
Rupees Five Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Eight and Seventy Two Paisa

@sharpdrivetek check the latest version (17.9.77). The support for Indian paisa has been added.

That was quick. Thanks @lubos. works perfect.

hi team
right now i am using manager version 18.9.91 window edition. i am facing again rupee symbol problem again in pdf


and alignment of total figure is disturb.

@lubos, @Tut
hi team
right now i am using manager version 18.9.91 window edition. i am facing again rupee symbol problem again in pdf



and alignment of total figure is disturb.

Current version is 18.10.65 so I suggest that you update your version and try again

Yep, try the latest version. I think both Rupee symbol and the line break should be resolved.