Amount in words bug India Paisa/Paise

Windows 10 x64
Desktop Edition

the amount in words is not correct as seen in the screenshot.

It should read Eighty One Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Six Rupees and Ninety Six Paise

Paisa - singular
Paise - plural

sharp eyes…lols

any updates on this @lubos ?

Implemented in the latest version (19.6.76)

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@lubos the initial issue as explained in the first post has reappeared. an additional issue is the currency Rupees is not mentioned.

i think this might be something to do with the recent foreign currency feature. this issue was noted only after updating to a version after the same was released.

above is an excerpt from an old pdf generated before the update.

above is the same invoice on version 20.2.70

also please note that the subunit is not displayed properly.

the first two screenshots are from a custom theme and the third is the default plain theme.

@sharpdrivetek you are correct. Can you check the latest version (20.2.71) ? It should activate the alternative format if currency symbol is ₹ or currency code is INR.

it works perfectly. thank you for the quick fix.