Diffrence between Base Currancy icon and in words amount

i am facing an another Problem Here which is giving below

CGST 9% $ 220.50

SGST 9% $ 220.50

Total $ 2,891.00

INR Two Thousand Eight Hundred And Ninety One Only

you need to give more details with screenshots.
what currency have you set in Manager?
what currency have you set for the Customer?
what version are you using?

My Base currency is INR
Customer’s currency is USD
version is 17.7.4

why is your customer currency in USD?
you should change it to INR.

my client is from overseas so he will pay in USD than he need invoice in USD

i think your invoicing method is wrong. looking at your invoice you are from India. So why have you made a tax invoice when you are making an export?

no, we are not exporting goods we are providing service in india to our overseas client

if you are providing service locally, you should not be billing in another currency. you should just get the equivalent USD as payment from your client. Just check the exchange rates on the date of invoice and mention the amount payable in USD at the bottom of the invoice.

@aastik121, update your software. Changes to Indian tax codes have been made since your version. See if the problem remains. Be sure to use the in-built tax codes, which were added, not any custom tax codes.

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but india gst tax code is not available in in-built tax codes.

Yes, there are about 20. They don’t even all show in the screen shot below:

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Did you update your software as I told you?