Bug with inventory transfers (duplicate-entries)

Hi, hope someone can help. Recently we’ve had this issue that once we create an inventory transfer, it registers as two transfers, but in the transfer list its only shown as one. As a consequence, we’ve has some negative inventories because of the double registry. I cannot delete the duplicate transfer because we did not make one in the first place. But if I check the source of the negative entries, it shows that there were duplicate transfers (even the reference numbers are the same). I’m pretty sure its an error. Is there anything I can do to correct this? Thanks.

Registers where as two transfers? Post screen shots to illustrate this. No one else has complained. Also, what version number are you using?

Here is the transfer in the Inventory Transfer List:

Here’s what it looks like if I check the movement of the item, it shows that it was transferred twice with the same Transaction:

We are using the Cloud version

Please do two things:

  1. Confirm that in your second screen shot you are looking at a drill-down on the quantity of some inventory item in the Inventory Quantity by Location report. (It does little good to show a screen shot without telling what you are showing.)

  2. Show the Edit screen for Inventory Transfer #61. (It’s impossible to know if a result is correct without seeing the input. Your first screen shot only shows that you entered Transfer #61, without telling us anything about what was transferred.)