Bug with "Copy to Clipboard"

Are you running server edition on Windows 7? Changes need to be fine on server side…

Windows 7

Yew, you are right, Server edition, on windows 7.

Do you know these changes?

@pandhm if your server edition is accessible from the Internet on a domain name, you can install Caddy as per our guide: Windows | Manager

It is not, it’s only accessible from LAN

I think it would be a good idea to at least update the installation guide, or better yet include Caddy and a basic caddyfile in the distribution

For an

  • intranet Manager Server at say IP
  • the default Manager local server installation on port 8080
  • Caddy in an accessible directory, for example the same as ManagerServer

Create a file named “caddyfile” (with no extension) in a text editor with the contents, localhost,

Copy the above Caddyfile and caddyfile.exe into the same directory as ManagerServer

To manually run the Manager server

  • Start Manager server as per the guide
  • Start Caddy by opening a command prompt, cd to the directory caddy is in if required, then type the command
caddy run


caddy start

The latter runs it in background, requires a Caddy stop to stop it or Caddy reload to update the configuration

If your self hosted Manager server is to be accessible form the internet / replace the first line in the caddyfile with your domain name.

Manager server can then be accessed over your local intranet from a web browsers. In the above example
will redirect to

When you first browse to that location, your browser will give an error indicating the authenticity could not be verified, consistent with caddy generating a self signed certificate.

Either accept the exception or manually instal the certificate onto the computer/browser you are using to access Manager. The certificate is located on the computer caddy is running on in the directory C:\Users<Your Name>\AppData\Roaming\caddy\

I’m planning to add HTTPS support directly to Manager Server so Caddy won’t be required. Possibly with ability to generate self-signed certificate on demand if none provided.

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Two things.

I use IIS for Manager. Caddy couldn’t work for me - I think because I was running other services on that server. So whatever changes you need to make, please make sure it works with IIS. It will mean that I can get rid of the reverse proxy thing that I setup to redirect to port 80 http.

I would recommend that Manager requires a proper signed certificate, not a self signed one. Certificates are not that expensive and it eliminates the need to add coding to generate a self signed certificate. I bought a certificate and have had no issues installing it in IIS.

A domain name and a certificate signed by a public authority makes perfect sense for a Manager server with internet / public access.

However for users who have a self hosted Manager server because they do NOT want their accounting sever to have public access, then a domain name and an external certificate authority decreases not increased local server security.

So I want exactly the opposite. If Manager has https support internally please ensure the self hosted server can readily be used on a local only network and does not rely on any external internet access. Please continue to allow simple use of self signed / local only certificates.

Yes I agree with you. My point of view is I don’t like the trend of websites to use these free self certificate services. I would rather the websites used a known and trusted certificate.

However, this would not apply in your situation. I was referring to public facing Manager installations.

For those who do not want to bind Manager to port 80 and 443 (useful if your server has other things on those ports), this caddyfile will put a https version ManagerServer on port 8081 so Copy to Clipboard works, https://localhost:8081,
reverse_proxy localhost:8080

I did what you suggest but its not working. The only difference is that my manager server runs on port 80.
Here is my Caddyfile:, localhost,

and here the result from command

caddy run:

Caddy by defaults sets up port 80 to redirect the users web browser to https on port 443 where ongoing reverse poxy occurs.

With your invocation Caddy is giving an error that there is already another service on port 80 (ie your Manager server).

Your choices are:

  • move ManagerSever to another port (such as the default 8080)

  • Use something similar to the second caddy file I provided above, which instructs Caddy to just set up https reverse proxy ( which could be on port 443).

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Everything worked fine when I change the manager port to 8080.
Thank you

basically web browser with https or caddyserver makes the managerserver unable to buffer literally a lot of function.

If it is of any use: select data you want to copy in Manager, other mouse button copy and in excel paste special, then text and all is as before. A bit of a hassle, but it works

Any update on this, still not working

@mroon, you need to be more specific. You have not been part of this lengthy and wandering topic, yet suddenly you ask if there is any update. Update on what? And what is “still not working?”

Please be succinct. I am about to close this topic because it has strayed so far from the original bug report, and the developer believes that bug was fixed.

In the latest version (21.4.51) I’m adding back legacy clipboard mechanism if new clipboard API does not work.

Basically new clipboard API requires secure context which is either HTTPS or localhost. This is not Manager restriction. It is how web-standards have been defined.

But most web-browsers still support legacy mechanism to write into clipboard so Manager will try to use both now.

Thanks @lubos, I’ve just downloaded and run the latest Linux Desktop version of Manager (21.4.51), which does confirm that it is no longer necessary to use a web browser window for the Copy to clipboard function to work.

Button behaviour is slightly changed from before, in that the button text no longer changes to “copied”, but the data is copied.