Bug when entering starting balances with calculations

Dear @lubos, internal error show again as used of fixed assets custom control account.


This message show only if a custom control account for fixed assets was used and calculation in Purchase cost field (e.g. Purchase cost is 8000000 * 3 in this case).
This issue will not occured if no calculation in field (e.g. if Purchase cost is 24000000).
I hope you will fix this issue very soon.

Thank you.

@waiminn, please do not add new problems to old subjects. This problem had nothing to do with your earlier problem. You just happened to notice it when entering a balance for a fixed asset. Your post has been moved to a new topic.

@lubos, I can reproduce this bug. It occurs when entering a calculation in the Purchase cost field for both fixed assets and intangible assets. I could not identify any other regular or control accounts for which calculations triggered the problem.

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Thanks @tut. Sorry for my inconvenient posting a topic.

Fixed in the latest version (19.7.28)

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Thank you @lubos.