Fixed Assets module bug

I try to enter my fixed asset opening balance, it did works and look like this

Then I entering the depreciation, 1.000.000 and… it turn like this

I’ve uninstall the Manager then install it again, download and installing the latest version. Nothing change.
Please fix this. I don’t know what to do. I’ve try in my own computer, nothing wrong. But, the computer in my office give this result…

You mention two computers. Are you running both from the same database? If everything looks correct on your own computer, you should make a backup from that on a drive accessible from your office computer. A flash drive will work. Then import the business to the office computer from the flash drive.

A second possibility is that you have the display date ranges set differently. For the Summary, click the Set Period button at the top and make sure they are they same.

Did you enter accumulated depreciation as a opening balance? If you like, you send your accounting file to and I’ll have a look.

@Tut I run it in my office computer but because of this issue I try to run it in my own computer at home. Try to figure out the problem whether its the Manager or the computer. Turn out, it run well in my own computer. So I guess there’s something wrong with the office computer. I’ve set the Period on Summary but this issue keep exist.

@lubos yes I enter it as opening balance. Okay, I’ll send it asap

Thanks and regards :smile: