Bug - Control Accounts

Dear @Lubos,

After the update the system shows up “inventory on hand”, “special accounts” and so on under balance sheets even if all the accounts were assigned to specific control accounts.

Can you please fix this bug? Thanks

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confirm for cash account and bank account on my part.

This bug may be related to this one: Bug with Special Accounts.

I think so too

Confirmed. - I just updated and now have the same spurious “Special Account” appearing on the Summary despite the fact that all special accounts are actually tied to specifically defined control accounts.

Fixed in the latest version (19.10.11)

Partially fixed. “Special Accounts” don’t disappear…

@Davide I can’t reproduce the issue. It does disappear for me.

Both “Special Accounts” and “Fixed assets” no longer show in more recent versions for me.

My fault. There was an uncategorized voice under special accounts.