Bug on customer info? or any other problem

Hello, i got now following problem. When i have a customer, billing address, in some cases i need the info inside like “Übergang der…” (see attachment. When i then make a sales order, this info also there, all fine

now in some case in dont need this info, so then i choose customer in sales order, then manual delete this info (see 2nd pic), this so far also fine

BUT then even this info is deleted, it is then later on the sales order? Any idea where this is the case? never had problem before, all fine. I am using version 16.11.70

Check the latest version (16.11.71), should be fixed now.

perfect, now all fine, thank you also for this fast feedback and problem solving

@lubos, could it be that you also solved the pdf issue?i just made some sales order and sales quotation pdf and all was fine??!!

There is currently an issue with Mac OS X when generating PDFs. Some characters cause the generator to crash but only when using Mac OS X. Maybe you have removed those offending characters from the latest quotes and orders.

no, didn’t change anything, i used your internal PDF in manager, anyhow at moment looks ok,