Bug in import bankstatement?

After having imported bankstatements, when I click on uncategorized items, all transactions are shown in black. I can’t see whether it is a receipt or a payment. When you edit the transaction, then in the top of the window, you see whether it is a receipt or a payment.
In the past, receipts were shown in black and payments in red with a minus sign.

When I click on the bankaccount itself the transactions aren’t shown in red for a payment and in black for a receipt.

Please can you make things consistent and also present the transactions in the “uncategorized window” in the same way as in the transaction window in two columns or in black and red again.


Fixed in the latest version (18.9.4).

Instead of showing negative amounts in red, there are now columns Amount received and Amount paid. In future I want to reserve usage of red color for bookkeeping errors only. E.g. recording transaction with future date, transaction being in Suspense account etc.


E.g. recording transaction with future date aren’t always errors. If I want to split my insurance bill over 12 months, I create future journal entries which is very often built-in functionality in accounting software.
Just give it a thought to implement this.

Kind regards and have a nice day.


it is necessary to mark future transactions as red…

Future dates are already marked in red color. If that’s intended, that is fine.

As for better handling of “prepaid expenses”, there could be a module for that in future. This way you can avoid making future journal entries.