Bug in employees section

i found bug here

Not at all clear to me what the bug is


in the currency drop list, when press on it show like a direction

@Joe91 The currency field doesn’t look right.

@mirr_oils what version are you on?

Can you please switch your program to English and post another screen shot? In addition to answering @Joe91’s puzzlement, this will help identify whether any problem is related to translation, issues displaying right-to-left languages, or the basic Manager program.

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windows 10, manager 21.2.45

Well, several posts from several forum members crossed each other. @mirr_oils, this is not a bug. It is an artifact left over from earlier versions of the program. It is a GUID for a currency. Go to the Base Currency or Foreign Currencies pages in Settings (whichever this one is) and redefine the currency.

I tried this solution and it really works, thank you sir :slight_smile:

Actually this is a bug. There is an issue with UTF8 characters not being shown properly in dropdown box. That’s why English works fine but other languages might not.